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Nothing really matters

I've tried on a lot of difference aliases lately and I still end up with the same ones. I don't think that change is quite what I need right now. I feel already out of place and out of sorts.

Not only have I been sick, stuck at home, and tied to this machine but I've lost my dog too. My dog sounds so impersonal. He was not my dog. He was my son. My companion. My everything. I got a hamster which helps but he sleeps all day and he's not as cuddly as (my dog's name) was.

Truth be told I don't know how to feel or what to do. I'm finally okay with the medicine pump they want to change my to the pill and yet insurance has yet to approve it. I'm due back at work on the 15th which I feel is creeping up faster and faster and I have yet to hear from them.

I use to be on this site starting when I was 13. I guess I just wanted to come back, to come home. A little place in the world where I can let it out. Maybe I'll start adding people or join communities. I wonder how much it has changed.
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